Essay on Key Players And The Commercialization Of Learning

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Key Players and the Commercialization of Learning Educating children has become its own industry, where there is the buying and selling of product and information. The commercialization of education is advancing at a fast rate, and technology-based educational industries are striking gold in our schools. Who are the beneficiaries? Large corporations like the Christensen Institute, Khan Academy, Pearson, etc., as well as technology companies like Apple and Microsoft. Clayton Christensen, who has been credited with coining the term “disruptive innovation,” wrote a white paper with colleagues Heather Staker and Michael Horn titled “Is K–12 blended learning disruptive? An introduction of the theory of hybrids.” In it, the authors introduce “hybrid innovation”, which is described as a combination of the new, disruptive technology wit the old technology and represents a sustaining innovation relative to the old technology, delivering the best of both worlds. The Christensen Center has teamed up with the Evergreen Education Group to publish 12 case studies of how traditional school districts improved student-learning outcomes after implementing blended learning. Each short profile highlights key details in the district’s blended-learning strategy, the EdTech products used, and promising results in the form of test scores and graduation rates. While the statistics look promising, one concern is with the institute’s use of outside resources when conducting their research. Then you…

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