Key Leadership Competencies For A Good Leader

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Register to read the introduction… A good hierarchy can work well for the organization if it employs the competencies for good leadership (Lunenburg, 2011). There are several key leadership competencies that excellent leaders require. The following are some of the leadership competencies for a good leader.
A good leader should be a visionary. Good leaders need to create visions of the directions they want their organizations to take. Leaders at all levels in an organization should establish visions for their positions, for the good of the company. They can also enhance these visions by working together with their teams. Good visions are made of different people’s ideas and views.
Excellent leaders are also inspirational. Leaders should inspire and motivate their team members to work towards their goals. Inspiration should create passion which extends to investors, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders. Leaders can inspire in different ways. They can do so by setting examples or by directly speaking to the employees. Leaders can measure their leadership standards by their ability to inspire and empower others. They can motivate and inspire by empowering people on their greatness rather than through
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They need to be oriented and committed to results. They use facts and figures to their advantage. They pay close attention to their lines of business in their competitor’s activities. They achieve this by staying well-informed.
Another key trait of a good leader is being focused. It goes without saying that a good leader should always be focused. A focused leader always works towards the organizations vision and mission. Good leaders achieve this by setting goals and meeting them. They ensure that set goals are met before launching new ones. Another aspect of being focused is that they do not use their positions for their own personal gains.
Another important competency for a good leader is being persuasive and likeable. Good leaders should have a magnetic influence. They should be able to bring people to agreement to their views through logic, reason, and their personalities. They should be persuasive rather than intimidating. Excellent leaders are people-centric and are liked for their character (Warrick, 1981).
Another trait that should not be lacking in a good leader is decisiveness. Good leaders are able to quickly make decisions even based on incomplete data. Good leaders should also be straight forward. They are able to make decisions that establish clear performance

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