Key Issues Working With The Latino Population Essay

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Working with Diverse Populations
In this paper, I will describe the key issues working with the Latino population. I will discuss the barriers and include suggestions to overcome them. The challenges human services professionals face will be identified. Finally, I will describe a process to assist with stereotyping when accessing services to this diverse population. Some of the issues that are of concern when working with the Latino population is immigration and migration issues, work related problems and lack of health care. The Migration Policy Institute states that Latino families are at high risk of emotional stress, financial opportunities, and increased social isolation. ("MPI," 2015). This is all resulting from being discriminated against due to their ethnic background. Often the Latino population needs are not being met due to the do not believe in going to the doctor for their health care. According to the ("The Atlantic," 2014), Latinos are more likely to delay healthcare for an illness or even suddenly stop treatments once symptoms are gone. It also states that language barriers also discourages Latinos from getting the help needed. It has been identified that Latinos that work low-wage jobs or who are self-employed, the employment status disqualifies them from public health programs however their income does not allow them to be able to afford health care insurance.
("The Atlantic," 2014), states that Latinos that did not seek medical care had a high-school…

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