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Key Informant (KI) is number one 40 years old Register Nurse from Palmetto General Hospital who work in 7th floor Women’s Health. She was Cuban émigré and for last ten years lived in Hialeah. She is married and native language is Spanish. Bachelors of Science in Nursing one year ago. During the interview series questions was asked about community.
Key Information two is a 30-year-old white Cuban American female receptionist from. The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program in Hialeah. She worked in this office for last two years. She has Associated Degree from Miami-Dade Community College and speaks English/Spanish.
Key Information three is 45-year-old Cuban men from Amelia Earhart Park. He lives in Hialeah for last ten years and work in this park for last three years. He has high school diploma and speaks Spanish.
1. What are the strengths and benefits of the Hialeah community?
(KI)- “Hialeah is a safe and growing place to raise families. This community has variety schools, quality healthcare, Cuban heritage and spirit.”
(KI2)- “Hialeah city care about residents and specifically. This community provide safety and support needed or low income families who desire grow up future population healthier.”
(KI3)- “This city has many parks and recreations for community that bring family together. Different programs offered for children, pools, and picnic areas to have fun”.
2. Areas of improvement for community?
(KI)- “It is a lot improvement in this community such as early care…

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