Key Events Of World War II Essay example

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Brittney Perrodin
S. Martinez
English IV, 1st Hour
Key Individuals in World War II World War II had many influential leaders. Some more influential than others, but two of the most influential leaders were Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Both men showed exquisite leadership skills and strategic foresight for war. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill were important leaders during WWII, whose leadership allowed for the defeat of Hitler. Franklin Delanore Roosevelt was a phenomenal leader. He had a strong character and a confidence that kept people going during the war. Everyday he would do Fireside Chats. Fireside chats were radio broadcast that provided a way for Franklin Roosevelt to inform everyone in the US updates on the war and matters in the US. He was an excellent people person; he was able to get along with anyone. Roosevelt had a certain charismatic personality that made people really like him. Why did Roosevelt get along with everyone he meet and really connected to the American people?
One of FDR 's most important attributes as a leader was his ability to empathize with his fellow citizens, to show that he cared for them and would do everything he could to help them This enhanced his political power by connecting him irrevocably to everyday people. It 's something that presidents have tried to do ever since, but few have accomplished it as well as Roosevelt (Walsh 3). Roosevelt played a big role in World War II. He was one of…

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