Key Elements Of Intuition And Decision Making Essay

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Breakthrough research was conducted in the 1960s and later documented in the book Executive ESP (Dean, Mihalasky, Ostrander, and Schroeder, 1974). This major study brought together the two elements of intuition and decision-making in management (Agor, 1984b). This study measured how CEOs of various corporations performed on tests for ESP and how this skill was linked to higher corporate earnings performance for respective organizations. Dean, Mihalasky, Ostrander, and Schroeder sought to identify intuition as a factor, which would help distinguish the extraordinary manager from the merely competent. The study spanned more than three years during which over 5000 tests were recorded and measured. The hypothesis was to validate management level personnel, in determining the importance of future information, relying upon the use of intuition. This study found the executives with the highest scores also corresponded respectively to companies with the best records of increased profits. Their findings suggest these results do not prove profit making and precognitive ability are related. However the results do indicate the probability of achieving superior profit making is enhanced by choosing a person who scores well in precognition ability (Dean, Mihalasky, Ostrander, and Schroeder, 1974).
Weston Agor has done the most recent and extensive research in the field of intuition in management decision-making. Agor is retired from the faculty of the University of…

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