Integrative Medicine: Dimensions Of Human Wellness

Integrative Medicine There are several dimensions of human wellness such as, physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental. Good health is more than just the absence of disease or good management of conditions, but rather it encompasses all aspects of human nature and varies between individuals. Integrative Medicine is an approach to treating patients that addresses the full range of human needs rather than just disease states to create a patient centered focus. By taking into account each of these aspects, medical professionals can create personalized strategies towards health care and wellness.

In order to become a successful practitioner of Integrative medicine, it is important to understand the various human domains
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It is both effective and allows for patients to be the focus of care. Human beings are more than just numbers and conditions. It is important to remember that in healthcare there is often no magic bullet for treatment and in order to have the most successful outcomes, I must respect my patients and communicate with them effectively to better understand all the dimensions of their personality, lives, and the environment they operate. I will be able to have personalized care plans that will improve the overall outcome of healing for each of my patient by considering and treating all dimensions of wellness. Integrative medicine will allow me to improve my patients’ health over their lifespan, rather than just the immediate future. Through giving patients the information they need to make the best health decisions and allowing them to apply their knowledge, patients will become involved and focused on their own health. I truly believe integrative medicine is the best and most effective method for treatment of patients. This method for healthcare empowers patients to become self-sufficient in their choices for making healthy decisions. Also, by addressing each dimension of wellness, overall patients will experience better outcomes in the long run. Through healing ailments pharmacologically and mentally with consideration for the environment and personal preference, we (the patient and the medical- team) will be able to successfully improve the overall quality of life for each

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