Key Components Of Market Dojo 's Existing Business Strategy Essay

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Key Components of Market Dojo’s existing Business Strategy. Market Dojo a micro e-sourcing company based in the southwest of England (Bristol) with progressive experience and share determination, this commoditized software vendors have been smart/intelligent to acknowledge a gap and carve out their niche to build their strengths, key into their opportunities, reduce their weaknesses and overcome their threats.
To facilitate these processes, certain components have been and are being set in place by Market Dojo to define and capitalize on their business strategy. These facets include:
a) Systems
b) Structure
c) Operations
Their unique business model is aimed at e-sourcing. With proper data management their information system majorly pivots this business. Their information system led to the production of a unique software called the Software as a service (SaaS). This off the shelf product is characterized with speed, transparency, affordability and business value (co-creation of value).

Initiated by two people whose tacit knowledge and wealth of experience from other fields, saw lapses from the big players, located customer preferences and decided to add more value to this target niche by adapting business intelligence where they were innovative in a simple but dynamic way with focus on SME’s. Their structure is comprised of the following functions:

Marketing and Sales
This unit has been their unique selling point as it was…

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