Key Aspects Of Developmental Psychology Essay

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Key issues related to developmental psychology. Development is the way people grow up and adjust over the course of their lifetime. Life is typically a series of changes (stages). These life changes begin with prenatal, infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. From learning how to smile, count, spell, and figuring out how to set their schedules and goals. Jean Piaget (1952, 1964) was a cognitive developmental psychologist who studied how we learn in the various stages, from the sensor motor stage, preoperational stage, and concrete operational stage and to the formal operational stage. However, all of Jean Piaget 's stages sort of overlap during the time of Erik Erikson 's stages of psychosocial development. Beginning with learning how to trust, becoming independent and learning what we are supposed to do in this life school and career wise as well as if we were jubilant in what we or if we should have made changes at the various periods of our lives. These theorists theories work together to fulfill how we all learn and accept what occurs in our lives even though we can change some of the aspects that occur in our lives.
Today majority of the developmental psychologists think that nature and nurture theory together influences the biological factors. Also, today, many psychologists believe that the biological factors play an influential role in the physical and environmental development and an even stronger role in ethical development. When explaining…

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