Kevin Love Is A Professional Basketball Player For The Cleveland Cavaliers Of The National Basketball Association

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Kevin Love

What I Already Know/What I Want to Know Kevin Love is a professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Kevin Love is six feet and ten inches tall and weighs 251 pounds. He plays the power forward position, wears jersey number zero, and makes an annual salary of 15.72 million dollars. I enjoy watching and playing the game of basketball. Ever since I was a little kid I would watch the Minnesota Timberwolves on television, and Kevin Love quickly became my favorite player because I liked his unconventional style of play. He was a big man that could shoot three-pointers and make smart passes like a guard, while still possessing the rebounding abilities of a power forward. Although I had plenty of prior knowledge about Kevin Love 's basketball abilities, I wanted to learn more about him. I wanted to read about how his teammates felt about him and what sports experts have to say about him. I would also like to learn about his college career and his story of how he got to the NBA. In the stats category, I had a few questions as well. I wondered what his best year for statistics was in terms of averages. I want to find out what his stats say about his value as a basketball player. Through the process of combining all of my questions, I decided upon my research question: What type of player is Kevin Love?
Story of My Search My research took one week. My research started with background…

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