Essay on Kevin Lewin Change Theory : A Linear Theory

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Kevin Lewin change theory has been successfully used since the 1940’s. He developed a linear theory that has three stages of change including: unfreezing, changing and refreezing (Sare & Ogilvie, 2010). His theory positions management at the top and they make all the final decision and lead the change process. In the unfreezing stage the manager much first diagnose the problem, assess the capacity for change, the motivation to change and whether there is adequate resources to adopt the change (Mitchell, 2013). The second stage is the change or moving phase, which is a process of moving toward the desired result. Finally, the third step is refreezing where the change becomes part of the existing culture, policies, and practices. In my practice this approach was utilized to change how the state mandated paperwork was completed. The change was implemented successfully, but the management faced challenges getting the buy of the staff, motivating them to implement the change, and monitoring whether the staff adopted the change. Once these stages are completed, the staff will adapt to the change and the health care organization will have the full benefit of the change.
In Adult Daycare there is state mandated paperwork that must be completed at specific intervals. There are specific forms that must be utilized when completing this paperwork. In order to comply with the state mandated paperwork and to streamline the documentation process, the management team began a search for…

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