Kerry Group Mission Statement Essay

The mission statement of the Kerry Group is their written declaration of their core purpose and primary objectives that normally remain unchanged over time. It clearly states what market will be served and communicates the direction of the entire organisation. The Kerry Group mission statement can be most closely aligned to the Resource
Based View (RBV). I will illustrate this by selecting three key elements in the Mission
Statement. Secondly I will draft a new HR mission statement, the distinction here being that this is more about employees, their future, and using them as valuable resource that will enhance the company. Finally I will describe three HR policies that support my Mission Statement.
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90) ‘Mission Statement is a tool, not a result. For every company, the required result is to make money.’
Kerry Group will:
• Ensure that our Employees are highly contributing members of our team.
• Continue to believe in technological creativity, superior product quality and service to our customers and be the world leader in the food and beverage industry.
• Continue to promote a culture of commitment and continuous development.
• Strive to communicate with the world, reassuring them that we are a trusted company with our products.
• Our strategy will be unique to Kerry Group in terms of context, goals and the demands of organisational stakeholders.
I have mentioned above that my draft mission statement provides a basis for HR policies and I will now discuss three HR policies that support my Statement.
According to the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) in 2012:
‘HR policies provide general and practical advice and guidance for Managers and others on a range of employment issues.’
Guidelines need to be set for action on people related business issues and HR
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• “Ensure that the objectives of the organisation are linked in with what is needed by employees to achieve those objectives. “ Kent (2004, p. 108)
Performance Management
‘Performance Management is the process to manage employee performance by setting realistic objectives, tuned to business strategy and employee capability that will be achieved or exceeded’. Kent (2004, p. 77)
In order to promote a “culture of commitment and continuous development”, employees need to be continually trained and developed within the organisation. They will then be able to achieve the aims set out in the Mission Statement.
There needs to be a training policy in the organisation for new employees, those with experience and those there for a considerable time.
Employees’ strengths and weaknesses need to be recognised by management, and feedback given to employees as a means of support in trying reach realise business objective.
Human Resource Development (HRD) is the framework for helping employees reach their full potential. It allows them develop their personal and organizational skills. It gives them opportunities through training, mentoring, regular performance management reviews and feedback on their work. The aim of HRD is to have an excellent workforce so that, as per Mission Statement, the company will “ensure that the objectives of the organisation are linked in with what is needed by employees to achieve those objectives”

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