Kepler 's 3 Laws That Everything Orbits The Sun Essay

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1. What are Kepler’s 3 Laws. Explain each law in detail and why it is important in astronomy. (3 pts)
Kepler’s Three Laws that everything orbits the sun. The first law is that everything orbits the sun, all the planets orbit in the ecliptic of the sun which clear up a lot of the problems with the tycho model in retrograde motion. Ellipses.
The second law is equal areas in equal times. Equal Areas.
And the third law is the mathematical relationship equating distance from the sun, average distance from the planet to the sun, to the amount of time it takes that planet to travel around the sun. Periods. These are all necessary because it helps determine how far away we are, and how far away it is.
2. What are Newton’s 3 Laws. Explain each law in detail and why it is important in astronomy. (3 pts)
Newton’s first law is Inertia basically things keep doing what they are doing until acted upon by outside force. Like if a ball is moving it will keep moving until something stops it or if a person throws a Frisbee in the air it will still spin and fly until it gets caught by someone or something intercepts.
His second is acceleration to get acceleration you first must apply force to the object and to the mass of the object impedes that force.
And his third law is action and reaction for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Newton’s biggest contribution was the law of universal gravitation.
His theories was derived from keplers notes and research.
3. What is…

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