Keny A Developing Country Of The Eastern Part Of Africa Essay

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Overview of Kenya
Kenya is a developing country in the eastern part of Africa. According to the Human Development Report, it is ranked 145 out of all of the countries in the world; the life expectancy for the people in Kenya is about sixty-two years old (citation). One of the major problems with this country is that about forty-three point four percent of the population is living below the poverty line, which is equivalent to a dollar and twenty five cents a day (citation). The problem of poverty is a major problem since it also is a major influence on other factors, such as health, security, and education. Surprisingly, their adult literacy rate in Kenya, for people fifteen years and older, averages to be about seventy-two point two percent (citation). However, there is more to what meets the eye to the problem of education. The Human Development Report also claims that their expected years of schooling averages to be about eleven years, about five years lower than the United States’ schooling average.
UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights Articles
Since Kenya has an extensive problem involving poverty, they also have problems involving right to access clean water, healthy food, medical care, [and] education” (Ramel, 2011). The disparities that people in Kenya must endure presents a violation of articles twenty-five and twenty-six of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, only a select portion of the articles are being violated. The part of article…

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