Kenwood Chef Ad Analysis

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What is the primary purpose of each text?
The 1960’s magazine excerpt’s purpose is to advertise the Kenwood Chef. The advertisement targets primarily middle class housewives . Ultimately it is directed towards challenging business men to buy their wife a Kenwood Chef. The advertisement implies that this kitchen technology is a necessity for modern life.
Tweetie’s 1979 novel extract is a feminist argument, the purpose of which is to show the disadvantage of women and the difference between the two sexes. The extract suggests a call to action, to change the immediate setbacks of being born female. As it is likely written for a pro-feminist audience, it’s an engaging piece.
Brown’s 2010 article from New Idea generally known as a gossip magazine
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The 60’s advertisement uses visual layout, as well as its intended audience, to sell its product. The top left corner of the photo on the advertisement uses bold, white text to catch attention. It draws people into the advertisement, and brings their attention to the rest of the image. The reds, yellows, and oranges are all warm colours that create feelings of contentment in the audience; thus endearing the photo to the viewers. Crisp and white against the background, attention is then brought to the Kenwood Chef, which stands proud and attention grabbing against the rest of the photo. The photo itself appears to be a snapshot of a real scene, which is emphasized by the lack of borders. Proceeding to the rest of the article, the text is spaced out, and very business-like in appearance. The response that is intended to be generated by these visuals is a formal, appealing, and amusing advertisement. The punch line of the title seems to be the “that’s what wives are for [cooking]”, which supposedly appeals to the audience and encourages them to feel positively about the product. The ending statement of the text challenges the husband to “take a hint - I’m giving my wife a Kenwood Chef right away!” The end product of the layout, photograph, and the tone, is that it encourages the wife to approach her husband, and encourages the husband to take charge and earn the bragging rights of buying his wife a Kenwood

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