Kenneth Bancroft Clark : The First Black President Of The American Psychological Association

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Psychologist and educator Kenneth Bancroft Clark was the first black president of the American Psychological Association. Kenneth Bancroft Clark was born on July 24, 1914 in the Panama Canal Zone. He was also the first black Ph. D recipient in Columbia University history. He was the first Black professor to gain tenure at the City College of New York (1960), the first African-American elected by the New York legislature to serve on the State Board of Regents (1968), and the first Black elected President of the American Psychological Association (1971).
With his wife Mamie Phipps Clark, in 1946, he founded the Northside Center for Child Development and published a report that unmasked the psychological effects of school segregation and which was prominently cited in Brown v. Board of Education. Kenneth B. Clark’s parents, Author Bancroft and Miriam Clark were pretty well off in Panama. His father was the superintendent for the United Fruit Company, and making pretty good money. Despite their economic stability, Kenneth’s mother felt that her children could receive better educational opportunities in the United States. So when Kenneth was about five years old his mother moved him and his sister to Harlem, New York. Their father decided not to make to trip because he did not want his race to be a deciding factor in his ability to get a job. Being a young black child in Harlem in those days was not an easy experience. Racism was a big part of the American culture, and it…

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