Kennedy's Tragedy: Ex-President John F. Kennedy

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Ex-President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (“JFK” or “Jack”) has become one of the most renowned figures to this day in the aspect of leaving a legacy The United States as well as the majority of the world study, quote, and ethically abide by in the case of morally understanding what it takes to be a true American . During the president’s term in office JFK fought a long and hard battle for peace and equality, whether it was for fighting civil rights in his very own backyard of America or genuinely giving a speech in Berlin about international relations. The key points I’m expressing to my audience in this research paper focuses on the opposing views of John F Kennedy surviving the assassination of November 22nd and resolving the issues he faced …show more content…
reached out for help involving the incident with The Freedom Riders. Martin Luther king Jr. requested JFK for his appearance to showcase the harmony of The Freedom Riders in Montgomery, Alabama, although Jack refused Martin Luther King Jr.’s plead for assistance, JFK however ordered The US Marshals to protect the group of Freedom Riders as they took shelter in a first Baptist church. In 1963, during incident involving the attempts to end segregation in the University of Alabama, John F. Kennedy sent in the National Guards to assure black students were safe to attend class and any-type of wrong doings towards the black students wouldn’t be …show more content…
In 1963 The United States’ involvement with Vietnam ended, thus resulting in the withdrawal of 1,000 US military personnel . Before the withdrawal of troops, the communist North Vietnam’s Vietcong attempted to diminish South Vietnam’s government in favor of overthrowing the president of the republic, Ngo Dinh Diem. As you can see The United States continued to offer aid in addition to pressuring Ngo Dinh Diem on changing Political and economic reform until the withdrawal .
In conclusion after the assassination of JFK, Lynden B. Johnson upon taking over presidency ordered the involvement of US Troops in Vietnam to continue. The investigations of Kennedy’s assassination are still mysterious till this day. The involvement of different accounts of why and how JFK was killed is overall deemed as authentic American tragedy . On November 22nd, 1963, John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas, Texas and was declared dead upon the arrival of Parkland Hospital. Following the mysterious plot to assassinate JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald became the prime suspect in the involvement of Kennedy’s

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