Kennedy's Moral Speech: John F. Kennedy

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“Ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country.”(Kennedy, 1961, Para 26) Many would argue this is the biggest link to the assassinated president, and that this quote changed the way of thinking for most Americans. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States of America. He was loved by many through his portrayal of a young, responsible, and charismatic president. On January 20th, 1961, Kennedy gave his famous inaugural speech. In his speech Kennedy addressed the Cold War, freedom, poverty, and hope for a better future. Kennedy captured the hearts of millions by making Americans feel empathy toward each other, along with a new sense of patriotism toward the country. However, his lack of …show more content…
After popularizing the patriotic spirit, Kennedy calls the nation to action; he needs the Americans to support him into making the world a safer place. He suits to the emotions of the families of the veterans who lost their lives fighting for the United States and he inspires the country to act when he says, “The graces of young Americans who answered the call of service around the globe. (Desjardins, 2012)” Even though is it a difficult task to achieve, but Kennedy assures the audience that he believes in the next generation.
While to the world Kennedy and his family seemed to be a brand name who used their history and political power to benefit themselves, his speech gives the portrayal of a strong leader who plans to work through his presidency as a part of the American people. Not once in his speech did he ever bring up his past achievements or qualities, but rather went through his speech as a leader of the American people with a goal to represent the nation as
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In his famous “ask not…(Kennedy, 1961, Para.26)” line of the speech, Kennedy touched the hearts of many young americans by empowering them to do something for there country. While there are many interpretations to the reaction resulting from this line of speech, Nathan Rott argues that “Kennedy's inaugural was as much a challenge to America's youth as it was a speech (Rott, 2011, Para 13)”. Additionally, he adds to the idea that many young Americans saw this as a challenge rather than a simple idea, and this was just one way many Americans, young or old, reacted to this famous line of texts. Rott himself considers this line as the title of the speech rather than original name because of the heartfelt reactions this line resulted in compared to the rest of the

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