Ken Robinson's Speech Do Schools Kill Creativity?

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Getting an education is not a piece of cake because it needs efforts. We also have to think critically by using the power of our intelligence. In the speech, “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” the speaker Ken Robinson recognize as an international leader in the development of creativity, innovation and human resources in education argues at the TED conference in 2006 that we are educating our kids without creativity because schools and universities consider the academic abilities more important. However, the creativity is the most important element in education because the ideas of creative person are more original and unique. Consequently, the speaker gives the solution we should rethink about human capacities using the power of intelligence. Nonetheless, Ken Robinson …show more content…
In describing that while learning the mistakes by students are prominently highlighted, he further discusses, “We are educating people out of their creative capacities”. This becomes common in our society due to which many students are under pressure of this system where they are not able to do on their own. Students generally are not evaluated by their intelligence. Similarly, the speaker Robinson’s describes the purpose of public education with a humorous tone, “I think you’d have to conclude the whole purpose of public education throughout is to produce university professors”. In other words, he believes that the education system is not good enough to make students think “out of the box” they just want to pursue a degree with high grades. They just want the student to be an expert in what they have learned. Consequently, the speaker says, “They all came into being to meet the needs of industrialism”. We can assume that students learn only those subjects which would where they can work for the benefits of economic. However, we should not expect toppers and rankers in our houses who work in existing

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