Kelsey And Angela Walked On The Parking Lot Essay examples

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Kelsey and Angela walked in silence towards the parking lot. Kelsey could tell that she was nervous, and didn’t want to push her to talk. Upon seeing Derek and Ben in the parking lot, she reached over and squeezed Angela’s hand.
“You’ll do great.” She whispered before leading her over to where the two boys were waiting.
“Hello gorgeous.” Ben called to her, jogging over to the two of them and pulling Kelsey in for a kiss. “We could have walked up to grab you.”
“Oh no that’s okay,” Kelsey replied kissing him on the cheek.
Derek had followed Ben over to where the two girls were standing at a much slower pace. He now stood awkwardly behind Ben, not sure what to do.
“Hey Derek, how are you?” Kelsey asked, walking over to give him a hug.
“Not bad, how about yourself?”
“Pretty good. You’re going to drive Angela to the restaurant right? And I’m going with Ben. Sound good?” Kelsey looked back and forth between Derek and Angela who hadn’t spoken a word to each other.
Finally Angela spoke up smiling.
“That sounds good to me. It’s nice to see you again Derek.” The smile on her face was forced, she hoped that no one would be able to tell.
“Yup sounds great, you ready to go?” He asked her. She only nodded in response before giving Kelsey one more quick smile and followed him to the car.
The ride to the restaurant was filled with awkward silence. Derek turned the radio to a heavy metal station, to loud for them to talk over. They waited outside for Kelsey and Ben.
“So… you’ve…

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