Kelly Services: One Of The Largest Staffing Solution In This Century

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Internet Recruiting are now one of the largest staffing solution in this century. Internet recruiting is the process of scouting actively job seekers and workforce seekers that provide solutions to both ends. We take two companies as our reference in this assignment which is Kelly Services and
Kelly Services is an American listed staffing solutions company that operated in more than 37 countries that headquartered in Troy, Michigan. It provides staffing replacement from part-time to fulltime, outsourcing and consulting. It is founded by William Russell Kelly and has a history of 68 years.
Kelly Services provide services to different segment of customers. One can find jobs by searching on the website or company that
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Some of the jobs may have a great demand such as a salesperson. The salesperson is a good choice for the fresh graduated at the same time, it is able to give high wage after total up the basic salary and commission, of course based on the performance of the individual. When a job position is popular, demand of the job will be greater than the supply of the job undoubtedly. Then, it comes human resource manager’s bugbear, a fact that the human resource manager may deal with plenty of inappropriate, irrelevant and unqualified candidates. When candidate spam happens, it can waste a lot of time.

Lack of qualify applicants
This is exactly an opposite point of view to the previous point. Online recruitment not always works. The objectives of online recruitment are also needed to be hired qualify workforce. There will be some vacancies that difficult-to-fill which needs headhunters or other recruitment consultant to fill it up. Sometimes the job needs certain skill and knowledge that not everyone has. For instance, an information technology worker. Certain companies look for the skilled worker who has trained but in fact, a skilled worker usually already had been hired.

Poor company information
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A company with a perfectly designed website and information, does not guarantee that the company is really as good as written. A company may exaggerate too much about the company information, history and performance. Candidate may feel interested at first but when they have their walk-in interview session or the worst that they already work for the company, only they realize the information provided is just wrong and false. Candidates may waste their time due to the mislead of the information.

Becomes impersonal
Certain internet recruiting process may involve email and telephone interviews instead of face-to-face. The interview session becomes a one-to-one interview which employee will lost the opportunity to get a multiple in-person interview. It will be hard to determine whether the candidate is fitting the company’s culture or not. Once the candidate deals with the interviewee with prejudice, the candidate may just lose the opportunity even he or she may fit well for the company in

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