Essay on Keeping Teenagers Out Of Trouble And Inside The House

1573 Words Mar 20th, 2015 7 Pages
A curfew is thought to be able to keep teenagers out of trouble and inside the house. Trouble does not have a time limit it can occur when ever and however throughout the day. Thinking that setting a time limit will actually keep a child inside is absurd. A child will go where he pleases to go, when his mind is made up nothing can stop him. We are not even talking about little children we are talking about teenagers the most rebellious of human beings. They are at an age where being absolutely rebellious is cool and fun and being cool and fun is all they know. Being accepted is so high at this point of their life, you cannot just pass something that is supposed to keep them contained. They will do a lot more just to prove to you they are in charge. A lot of Americans support laws that restrict teenagers ' activities during certain hours of the night because they believe that this is when the most trouble is caused. Most of these Americans are grownups who want to set this curfew for a piece of mind instead of because safety is first. There 's pretty much no question that the odds aren 't effective in either reducing crime or preventing harm to young people. It 's basically designed to make people feel better about using a city at night, and it 's an artificial thing. They just do not want a bunch of Neanderthals running around their houses at night not because they want those kids safe and in the house with their parents. Trouble is caused just as much during the day as at…

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