Keeping Students Safe Should Be At The Top Of The Priority List For Colleges

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Security is very important when it comes to college campuses. Keeping students safe should be at the top of the priority list for colleges. When parents choose a college for their child one of the biggest factors that influences their decision is how effective the security is on campus. Parents expect their child to be safe at college, but we sometimes have to question how effective is the security on campus? The University of South Alabama should provide more security because it would increase enrollment, lower the crime rates on campus, and give students a sense of security. You should start with the following ideas: All dorms should be in enclosed residence halls, there should be more lights and cameras around the campus, and there should be police and emergency towers located throughout the campus.
Enclosed residence halls will reduce crimes on campus because each student will have to use an ID card to access their building. When accessing the buildings, doors will immediately lock so that non residents do not have access to the building. This provides safety for all residents living in the college dorms. Without enclosed residence halls, crime will more likely happen because anybody who wanted to access a student 's room could do so. Numerous crimes happen within residence halls including robberies and burglaries. According to Chicago Police Department in 2014, 10 people reported a burglary at the University of Chicago.
Another way to prevent crimes is to have more…

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