Write An Essay On How To Keep Children Safe In School

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The Keeping Ourselves Safe (KOS) program is run in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and the New Zealand Police. It was introduced into schools in 1989 with the purpose of educating children about child abuse and how to prevent it. According to Sanders (2004) the three main goals of KOS was to “teach the children safe practices; encourage victims of abuse to come forward and to raise awareness within the community of the need to keep children safe”. The program has been split into age appropriate modules and for the purposes of this essay we will be looking at the modules for years’ 4-8.
The learning outcome for the program is for children to gain self-confidence and to also learn how to communicate in a safe and confident way. Children are taught how to make safe decisions and how to recognise an unsafe situation in either the real or online world as most abuse usually comes from someone they know. KOS shows children that unsafe environments in
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Examples of emotional abuse include: ignoring or rejecting a child’s wish for attention; shouting at or verbally threatening a child; scaring or bullying. Iwaniec (1994) defines emotional abuse as “hostile or indifferent behaviour which damages a child’s self-esteem, degrades a sense of achievement, diminishes a sense of belonging, prevents healthy and vigorous development, and takes away a child’s well-being.”
Factors contributing to emotional abuse:
Regardless of a family’s ethnic or socio-economic background, emotional abuse is something that can happen in any family. The reasons could be due to the parents themselves being victims of abuse when they were children; stress within the family unit due to lack of finances or perhaps due to an illness in the family; the parents having poor parenting skills or perhaps unrealistic expectations of their children.
Indicators of

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