Essay about Keeping Myself Physically And Mentally Organized

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1) The first way I handle stressful situations is by not letting the stress take over how I react and how I make choices. I cannot control the situation that is giving me stress, but I can control how I respond to the situation. I believe that stressful situations are not meant to be negative things, but they are meant to challenge me and to push me to excel mentally. I can handle stressful situations by anticipating them rather than reacting to them. I have a high tolerance when dealing with heavy workloads.

2) My main key to good time management is to keeping myself physically and mentally organized. I know how to prioritize my responsibilities and daily tasks. I avoid taking on too many tasks so that I do not stress myself out too much. I balance out my schoolwork and my leisurely time. I avoid distractions and interruptions during my work time. Creating habits can make good time management achievable. I also set clear and detailed goals so I can keep myself motivated. Avoiding procrastination is a big part to successful time management.

3) One adjective to describe me would be industrious. I work very hard and consistently in my schoolwork and sports. My diligence helps me to achieve academically. I am persistent with my effort. Being industrious also helps me to be vastly studious. These qualities that I possess aid me in enacting critical student habits.

4) The most challenging course I have taken was World Civilization because the style of learning was different…

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