Keeping It On The Family Essay

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Keeping it in the Family
She looked at me in the eyes and warned me, “What we are doing is wrong.” I sat confused. “How can it be wrong when we are so right together?” She agreed and decided to brush aside the conversation. Had I known that this would be the conversation that preceded the conception of our child that was so unwelcomed by the village, I may have put some more thought into it.
Who would have known that I would fall in love with my sister-in-law? Had I known that it would happen, I never would have introduced her to him in the first place. After we were told that all of the men in the family would need to go to America to send back money for the family, my four brothers and my father began to pack their things. It was very hard for the men in my family to get to America because of the Chinese Exclusion Act, where “which capped overall immigration to the United States at 150,000 per year and barred Asian immigration” (source). My youngest brother, Bao, was the only one of the brothers that were leaving that did not have a wife. The search for a wife began. We searched the village and found a girl who was respectable enough to be married to Bao, but we all knew that the status of the woman was not that important because “the woman was married into the husband’s family as a primary means of providing sons to continue the patriarchal lineage”
Once they were introduced my heart began to pound, I couldn’t believe that I was jealous of my younger brother. I wondered…

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