Keeping Healthy Is A Balance Diet Essay

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Their weight is between 60 and 80 pounds, height is 23 to 25 inches. They are very smart and very easy to train. They will eat about two cups of food a day or you could give them some of your food. Nevertheless, I plan on bring a least a 100lbs. of dog food.
Now the next step is what you need to stay healthy is a balance diet stated “Wiseman” which consist of “protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and other trace elements”. You also will need to remember that a person will use 70 calories an hour and this is at rest so the more activates you do the more calories intake you need. Also, remember if some days you do not work too hard, you could lower your calories intake because you are not using that much energy. Some Ways to get carbs in your diet would be to eat food with sugars and starches thing you might find in the wild would be honey from a bee hives, syrups from the trees and roots from plants. Next is fats and proteins which I plan on bring peanut butter, peanut in the shell with but I could also get both from the fish and animals I will trap. Then we have to have mineral and vitamins in our diet which if I watch what rabbits eat on a plant that tells me what give me plenty of both because what they have in their diet (Wiseman)
For food I plan on bring from home with me is can goods, peanut butter and dried food rations that the military use because that’s freezer dried and will have a long shelf life. I will purchase the food from an online company. That…

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