Keeping Girls Away From Receiving An Education Essay

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Traditions are a massive factor in keeping girls away from receiving an education, especially if there is the opportunity for one. Sons are the ones to take care of their family, and to provide for their mother if the father leaves the picture. Therefore, it is not necessary to provide daughters with equal or more education than sons because their existence is a burden, if anything (CITATION). Instead, a girl’s role lies in the work to be done at home, as she helps her mother tend to the rest of the family (Bose 4). “Educating a girl is considered a bad investment, as all she is required to do is stay home and look after the family” (Rajgarhia). Forever keeping girls in their homes will never allow them to discover their capabilities.
Many girls in Pakistan face a similar reality to those in India. In Pakistan, boys are also considered the moneymakers. According to Dr. Amna Mahmood, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Politics and IR at International Islamic University, it is unthinkable that anyone other than a son would care for their parents. “The dependence on the earning of the daughters is considered to be a disgrace to the family under the existing norms of the society” (5). Girls are seemingly worthless to their families, besides the housework they provide, and yet society could not function without them. Because of this, they are shoved into a small and incredibly degrading corner (Akhtar 2).
The threat of abuse in India is yet another factor discouraging…

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