Keeping A Happy Family By Cooking A Meal Essay

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Keep a Happy Family by Cooking a Meal.

In my country, most women are aware of the importance of cooking a meal that is to keep a happy family. My mother is a typical housewife, she always wants to teach me by her ways to become a perfect woman who is not only good at social work but also at housework, especially preparing a delicious and healthy meal for a family. She said, “The family will be broken up if it is not raised by the woman’s hands.” Actually, my mom is a person that has a big impact on my lifestyle. She makes me realize cooking is a great activity that helps each member in a family healthier, happier and more connected.

It is really difficult to make the healthier meal for a big family, but my mom did it very well. My family has three generations - my grandparents, my parents and my siblings, and each don’t have any health problems. I’m so grateful about that. I will try to learn from her to prepare for my own family in the future. I have learned some useful things, such as identifying fresh fishes, reading the nutrition facts on processed food, and being aware of types of vitamins in each kind of food. Every time she goes to the market, she wants to go with me to show me whether the food is fresh or not. She often asks me what ingredients are used to cook “Pho” – a super delicious food I like, and I answer by getting good ingredients for her. She believes that fresh food is healthier than proceed one, so she wants to prepare main meals by herself for my…

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