Essay on Keats And His Medieval Lady

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Keats and his Medieval Lady Despite his low opinion of himself, John Keats is one of the great writers of British Literature. He would go on to become on of the “big six” of the British Romantic Period, like any other good writer, Keats would have looked at the great pieces from past periods, and not just the writings of his contemporaries. One of his best-known poems “La Belle Dame Sans Merci: A Ballad” shows quite a bit of evidence for this theory as it borrows several elements from the Medieval Period. It’s possible that Keats did not just do this to be stylish or academic, but to discreetly release some emotional baggage. Just as we are reading and studying the great works from the Romantic Period, the people living in Keats day would have been studying the great works of the Medieval Period. Due to uncontrollable factors of his life, Keats may have studied these writings more often and more closely than most. “In 1820 Keats became ill with tuberculosis” (Funk and Wagnalls). Though we can never be fully certain as to what what Keats did with his time during his illness, we can assume that he spent much of it reading and writing. No doubt then he would have been familiar with the characteristics and pieces of the medieval period. It should be no surprise than that the medieval period may have strongly influenced his writing. This is made more clear when you realize that Keats would not have been the only writer of the time taking inspiration from past time periods.…

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