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Katie Widdowson
CU1521 Support Children and Young People’s Health and Safety

4.1 Explain the policies and procedures of the setting or service in response to accidents, incidents, emergencies and illness.
The nursery has a legal responsibility to keep all children and staff safe and healthy at all times whilst in the setting. The policies explains that the nursery will provide appropriate treatment and First Aid if an accident or emergency situation occurs or if a child is taken ill. The nursery will seek medical treatment if necessary. The nursery is also committed to protect the children from the spread of illness and infectious diseases.

As a registered setting, it is an OFSTED requirement that all staff hold an up to date
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In extreme cases emergency services are called and parent / carer is informed. (see attached policy)
Where children have been prescribed antibiotics for an infectious illness or complaint or after diarrhoea / sickness we ask parents to keep the child home for 48hrs.

Any illnesses will be recorded on the child’s records.
In the event of an emergency evacuation or fire the fire safety policy is followed.
Within the policy there are 3 fire legislation requirements:-
Fire Precaution Act (1971)
Fire Precautions (workplace) Regulations 1997, amended in 1999
The regulatory reform (2005)
It is the nurseries responsibility to maintain fire extinguishers and fire blankets, these are situated in the main nursery area, the kitchen and most rooms within the nursery.
Fire drills are regularly carried out to ensure that staff are aware of the emergency evacuation procedure and how to carry it out in a safe and efficient manner. Staff and shown the fire evacuation points during induction so they are able to follow procedure. Fire records are kept of carried out fire drills ensuring equipment is regularly tested and evacuation procedures are monitored to ensure they are carried out efficiently and if any issues arise.
In the case of a fire a nominated person will phone the emergency services when the fire alarm is raised.
The immediate evacuation of all children, visitors and staff to the assembly point (located at the top of the car park) which is away

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