Katherine Mansfield 's Miss Brill Essay

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Katherine Mansfield short story, “Miss Brill,” deals with a woman who is living in an epiphany in order to hide behind her loneliness. Katherine Mansfield is recognized as one of the most proficient writers of the modern short story in English. The language portrayed in her writings is perpetually precise and clear. She acquires the audience’s attention by composing symbolism and characterism throughout the short story. Miss Brill represents an old woman’s pursuit to deny her loneliness, by creating a disillusion that eventually comes to a close. As the short story commences, the audience discovers the two main characters. The characters consist of Miss Brill and her fox fur. The other characters, involve the people whom roam the park, which are only stated momentarily. Miss Brill holds two distinct lives. In reality, she is a school teacher. She routinely attends the park every Sunday to appreciate the music of the band which plays. Although Miss Brill loves to hear the band, she gets a kick out of overhearing the conversations of other people’s lives. Once she leaves the park, she concludes her day by grabbing a pastry at the bakers in route to her home. Miss Brill’s fantasy life consists of her believing she is a part of a production, where she is an actress. The second character involves her fox fur, which she is deeply fond of. The adorned fox fur is a neck let that Miss Brill endures. Miss Brill originates her afternoon by releasing her fur from its box. It was her…

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