Essay about Katherine Mansfield 's ' Bliss '

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“Bliss” illustrates the contentment one can attain with a mindset of living in an ideal world. Katherine Mansfield shows that for a person to be happy, all they have to do is ignore reality and all the facts that are negative about it. The ignorance that main character Bertha has about her surrounding is portrayed beautifully with symbolism, careful characterization and the writing structures ability to build up curiosity to knowing what is real and what is not. Mansfield, through her character bertha, shows that happiness is a state of delusion and not a destination; those who ignore the facts and reality around them are the ones who reach the zenith of ecstasy.

The author argues that everyone has control of their own mindset and create their own happiness by using exquisite symbolism. The symbolism used in “Bliss” is of very simple things like trees and fruits to manifest very complex thing like the sexuality of the main character, which is undetermined and the totality of Bertha’s life. These symbolisms represent the ideal world one can live in if they have their minds set to it. The tight clasp of a coat is a very relatable reference to the restraint one feels when not giving themselves the freedom of thinking in a very positive way. “The brightness of her bosom” which is repeated over and over again can show how one can create their own bright, happy world by having a happy and fulfilled heart. Although the character is a very happy person, she “hardly dared to look…

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