Katharine Dexter : A Man With Schizophrenia Essay

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It was important for Katharine Dexter because she was married to a man with schizophrenia and since there’s a chance that the kids have this mental illness too, even though there wasn’t a physical connection between her and her husband, but since she knew there were people out there that were at risk, she wanted to help them. Also she wanted women have control over their bodies and so they can prevent unplanned pregnancy.
For Margaret Sanger, after the death of Sadie Sachs, she was so sad and mad and she knew that she couldn’t continue like this, she needed to find a way to help mothers from having too many children and so risking their lives. She knew that it was dangerous for them to have too many kids, especially when they don’t want to, so she wanted to find a way to help them.
And for Crystal Eastman, as a feminist, she wanted sex knowledge for everyone. She wanted women have kids as many as they want, mostly one or two, and in a situation that they can take care of those kids and not having too many kids while you’re poor.
2: Birth control is a great idea. Women everywhere should have the right of their own bodies. To be fair babies are not for everyone. A lot of women weren’t born mothers and that’s totally ok and they know it and so they want to prevent an unexpected baby, so they should have that right. Or some women, they are mothers and they have kids, but they don’t want anymore, so they should have the right to control that. Or even in case of women who wants to…

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