Katha Upanishad Comparison

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For centuries, the holy bible has been compared to several other sacred texts. The bible itself has an origin of being inspired by ancient texts before its existence. In this paper, a comparison of the biblical story of Abraham and Katha Upanishad is addressed. Beginning with the biblical story of Abraham in chapter twelve of Genesis shows that he was previously known as Abram. He started his journey when God ordered him to go to a far country away from his father's house and his own family. The second section provides the text on the background of Katha Upanishad and its significance when compared to the bible. These two stories were written in different time period, context, and meanings. However, both stories deal with sacrifice and the importance of it.
In the story of Abraham, God promised to show Abraham the land where he would make him a great nation. Abraham was promised blessings from God and even making his name great. To those who blessed Abraham, God promised a blessing them and a curse to him that would
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However, in order for Abraham to be safe, he told Sarah to claim to be Abraham's sister. While in Egypt, Sarah's beauty was praised to Pharaoh by his officials consequently prompting her to be taken to the palace and giving Abraham provisions like oxen, menservants, camels among others. Pharaoh realized that Sarah was a married woman when God afflicted his household with plagues Pharaoh immediately ordered that Abraham and his household leave along with their goods immediately when Abraham was aged ninety nine years, his name was declared by God to mean the father of many nations. Abraham was given instructions for the new covenant with circumcision being the sign. Formerly Sarai, Sarah's new name was declared blessing her with a promise of bearing a son with Abraham. At this time, Abraham was aged ninety-nine while Sarah was ninety years. Abraham's entire household was circumcised including

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