Kate Gosselin 's Fractured Family Essay

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The article “Kate Gosselin’s Fractured Family: Son Collin Has ‘Anger Issues’ and Hannah Ran Away” describes the behavioral challenges Kate, a mother of eight children, is facing with her son Collin and her daughter Hannah. It shares that Collin, who is now twelve years of age, was sent to a treatment center for special needs due to his display of constant misbehavior. Misbehavior such as challenging his mother’s authority and lashing out. His sister, Hannah, who is also twelve years of age, is misbehaving as well. Last year Hannah ran away from home in order to stay with her father; refusing to leave after being there for four days. Collin and Hannah misbehaving is affecting their mother greatly, as she attempts to handle their misbehaviors on her own without the help from friends. This is that Kate desires to keep her family issues private. Overall, the author of the article, Gina Bacchiocchi, is suggesting both Collin and Hannah’s misbehaviors are a result of Kate’s divorce with her ex-husband, Jon.
Family as a social institution was applied to this article. Simply because it discusses the circumstances with Kate and two of her children, and how their misbehaviors are affecting the family. Previously mentioned, the two children seem to be misbehaving because they are unhappy with the split of their parents. The article states, “Collin desperately needed a mother and a father. Now, he is resentful and blames his mother for everything.” Therefore, it can be said the author…

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