Kate Chopin 's The Awakening Essay

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During the nineteenth century, a shift known as the women’s suffrage movement swept society off its feet, introducing feminism to change to social construct built upon men and women. This movement allowed many authors to take advantage of the time period and further motivate society with pro-feminist arts. For instance, Kate Chopin 's novel, The Awakening, she prevails feminism and gender justification through the actions of Edna Pontellier 's lifestyle. Expressing the dilemma of women’s life being directed towards a lifestyle laid out by men. Edna challenges this order of a modern women, evading the stereotype as a mediocre “housewife”. After witnessing no escape from this order Edna constructs a suicide that eliminate purpose from her battle with the tyrannical society. The Awakening allows reader to support feminism as a way for women to achieve freedom and individuality from an oppressing view of men, while including symbolic object to better understand Edna and the surrounding world.
Feminism educates society about the propagation of women 's rights through political, social, and economic equality to men. On contrary others believe feminism to be taught another way as achieving beyond men “Realizing that we live in a male dominated society, some feminists try to change the ideals of stereotypical women who believe in such standards. … They struggle to eliminate some of our world 's biases where intolerant men see women as thoughtless objects below them.” (The Women’s…

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