Kate Chopin 's The Awakening Essays

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Kate Chopin 's The Awakening was criticized heavily. Different critics shared their opinions on marriage, feminism, relationships, and the decisions that affected characters in The Awakening. Chopin gave many scenarios where these views were put to the test and it was interesting to see how everyone dealt with their responsibilities. Depending on previous experiences, readers will feel differently about most of the events happening in the novel. Our main characters had a lot of challenges to overcome and we see them either evolve or destruct. While using many characters as an example, Chopin explored the negative and positive aspects of the marriage between Edna and Leoncé, while dealing with responsibilities and challenges in life. The most important, but complicated marriage in The Awakening, involved Edna Pontellier and Léonce Pontellier. It was interesting to see how this couple would handle serious topics like adultery, children, and if their marriage was going to last at all. Seeing how Mrs. Pontellier was so committed to finding herself and dealing with her complicated relationships was different than the books I have read in the past. According to Larzer Ziff, The Awakening was the first novel to "reject the family as the automatic equivalent of feminine self-fulfillment, and on the eve of the twentieth century, it raised the question of what woman was to do with the freedom she struggled toward" (197). As shown in the novel, Edna puts everything and everyone aside…

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