Essay Kashmir Conflict Between Pakistan and India

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The State of Jammu and Kashmir is situated between Pakistan and India. Among the key reasons for tension between Pakistan and India is the key problem of Kashmir. Whereas Pakistan has repeatedly termed this the "core issue" in its relationship with India, India has maintained that this matter was settled with Kashmir's accession to India in October 1947. As far as India has been concerned, therefore, the only issue for discussion has been what India regards as Pakistan's continuing illegal occupation of part of Jammu and Kashmir, an occupation that began in 1947–48, during the war between the two. About 63 per cent of the territory is under Indian occupation; while the rest, 37 per cent, is with
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Rather, they were local Kashmiris who did not want to be part of India. Furthermore, the Maharaja of Kashmir had no right to call in the Indian Army, because the Maharaja of Kashmir was not a heredity ruler. He was merely a British appointee. There had been no such position as the "Maharaja of Kashmir" prior to British rule. Finally, the agreement was that any areas more than 70% Muslim would go to Pakistan. Kashmir has more than 90% Muslims and therefore clearly should have been part of Pakistan.
What makes Kashmir so special? Many things: its landscape, a lush green valley and snowcapped mountains, rivers and lakes. Its rich variety of trees, flowers and fruits. the wealth of handicrafts, the soft feel of the famed shawls, the smoothness of planed walnut wood, the rough and the thick, luxurious pile of a close-knotted carpet; its food crisp-fried chops, mutton cooked in spices and yogurt, meatballs made of finely pounded meat and simmered in a creamy-rich sauce of cardamom, , tea flavored with cinnamon, cardamom and saffron. The people – variety of races and religions - Aryan, Scythian and Mongolian, Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists, faces and images closer to Central Asia than to the plains of India, a wealth of historical remains - the magnificence Sun Temple at Martand, the formal elegance of the Gardens. These are all the sights that make Kashmir a special territory. Other places in India have some of these, but only Kashmir has them all. Kashmir is a

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