Karma, By Jade Antoine Essay

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In the short story “Karma,” by Jade Antoine, there is a king and queen ruling in the kingdom of Welbia. The king was repeatedly abusing the queen and the queen had to go to extreme lengths to try and stop the abuse. Queen Victoria reached out to a fairy and asked her to grant her powers so she could stop King Blake’s malevolent behavior. When she was given magic, the fairy told her if she used the magic for evil, the consequences would fall upon her unborn child. The queen went back to the castle and contemplated how she should use her powers. One day the king tried to hit the queen and she used her powers to dismember him and remove his mouth. Shortly after, the queen was captured, stripped of her magic and sentenced to life in the dungeon. The fairy sent her daughter away and cursed her by covering her daughter completely with tattoos of names and pictures. The daughter, Ariana, was constantly ridiculed as a child into her teenage years and began to bully others in retaliation. In the story, there is another character, Landen, who presents himself as a homeless man, but actually was a king who was punished for mistreating his citizens. He tells Ariana about the origin of her tattoos and how she can remove them using her powers for kindness. The two go on a journey of self-discovery by causing happiness around New York city. As Ariana helps someone, a tattoo vanishes from her skin, revealing her outer beauty as well as her inner beauty. At the end of the story, Ariana and…

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