Karl Marx's Contribution To Society Essay

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The Sociological Contribution of Karl Marx to an Understanding of Contemporary Society

This essay will discuss how the Karl Marx contributed his knowledge to the understanding of contemporary society. Karl Marx is often referred
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Modern day production processes involve investment in goods, services and people this is also referred to as the capital. Wealth is also used in other ways than in the pre-capitalistic society. For example, a farmer after having produced for his own needs and that of his family will sell any of a surplus in order to buy the commodities they could not produce.

However in capitalism what happens is that this money is invested in order to make more money, and to make a profit. Capitalist individuals will invest in commodities such as buildings, tools and workers. For a farmer this may be an investment in a factory and new tools. The capitalist's employees are also taken into account as commodities together with the business. According to Marxism, the capitalist individual will invest in those people who will be of a benefit to him and will make a profit.

These commodities are necessary as they are the capitalist’s means of production which will ultimately provide a means of substance for the society.

Marxism explains how, the workers are alienated because they are simply an investment on the part of the capitalist and are not seen
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The individual who are employed as workers or ‘wage earners’. The workers will want to increase their wages and will work harder at their jobs to ensure higher wages; the group of capitalists are the second group who will want to increase profits. These two groups are involved in a class-conflict or class-struggle, although they both depend on each other for the business to run smoothly and ensure maximum production.

One of the theories in Marxism was that the function of the state in a capitalist society is to maintain the capitalist economy and to continue its existence by continually re-establishing the capitalist relation of production. In order to do this the norms and values of capitalist ideologies can be used in order to persuade people. This in turn increases and maintains production.

As I have mentioned before, The cultural, political and social aspects of a society rest upon the economic base. Therefore it can be said that in a capitalist society the state, culture and social institutions are also regarded as

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