Karl Marx 's Theory On Struggle Essay

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Karl Marx founded his theory on struggle through historical context. Struggle and tension were the driving engines of progress or as Marx put in The Communist Manifesto, “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles” (Marx & Engles). According to Marx, humanity could not progress in peaceful environment. The engine of progress is struggle. (Davis-Sowers, August 30). However, His social theory resides on historical materialism.
Marx is known for his criticism to the economic system which is capitalism. Capitalism is a historically specific way of organizing commodity production; produces profit for the owners of the means of production (e.g., factories, land, oil wells, financial capital); based on structured inequality between capitalists and wage-laborers whose exploited labor power produces capitalist produces capitalist profit (Dillon, 2014, p.71). Marx thought that this is a system of production, which characterizes social processes, resides on labor divided firmly in compliance with hierarchical stratification, exploitation, and alienation (Davis-Sowers, August 30). All societies that progressed from primary structures are shaped by labor division. The labor of division, in Marx writing’s, means the separation of occupational sectors and workers into specialized spheres of activity which produces alienated labor and exploitation (Dillon, 2014, p.52). Exploitation of workforce and ideas of ruling class dominated in shaping societies is…

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