Karl Marx 's Theory On Labor And Class Structure Essay

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When looking at a sociological perspective, it makes me think of how they view certain matters that take place in our environment. Each sociologist has their own perspective that is shaped by life’s obstacles that they encounter during the different stages of their lives and the response given based off the action and changes with people and their own belief systems. In reference to the topic of power and control in America held by the following sociologists, C. Wright Mills, Karl Marx, and Peter L. Berger. The comparison and contrast of their beliefs uncover what led to their perspectives and use both historical and current issues, which will give supporting evidence of such societal ramifications.
Karl Marx Karl Marx theory focused on labor and class structure. Marx deemed as an economist because he examined the different class structures and the order of which labor creates its production. When Karl Marx started developing his theories was to find the “answer to the problem of human misery” (Cuzzort & King, 2002, p. 271). Karl Marx focused on the struggles between the classes examining how most people or rather the wealthy were able to afford all the goods in, which they performed less work. Where as those in the lower class had to suffer financially because of the barriers and the structure of the social institutions. According to Lu (2009) “Mark believes it is necessary to look at the contradiction between production and the appreciation of value even…

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