Karl Marx 's Social Conflict Theory Essay

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There are hundreds of group theories that explain why groups operate they way they do. One theory that I found interesting and very familiar to me was Karl Marx’s Social Conflict Theory.
Karl Marx was a very famous philosopher, revolutionary, and social scientist. Karl Marx was born on 1818 in Trier, Germany. Karl was the third of nine children living in a middle class home. He attended private school where he joined a radical group later becoming the president. While studying in London with his wife Jenny von Westphalen he started reading Georg Wilhelm Friedrich. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich influenced Karl to do a lot of his writings that he would become famous for today. During his years of writing scholars ignored Karl Marx and most of his writings because they thought his writings were useless at the moment. Little did they know that he would help change the minds of millions.
During his last couple of years Marx’s health started to decline. Then his eldest daughter and wife dead causing him to be depressed and making his health worst. Once he importance started to shine through the clouds. After he died The Social Movement came about and his work will forever be remembered. His work started to get recognized and everyone started to see his genius through his work. His ideas helped the The Social Movement greatly. After that nearly half of the population on earth were calling themselves “Marxist” for believing in the ideas of Karl Marx. Karl Marx ideas were so brilliant…

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