Essay on Karl Marx 's Political Theory

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Karl Marx had a political theory that was advocating class war. It lead to a society in which the property was publicly owned. Each person had to work, but was paid based on their abilities they could show and the needs they had. Communism had no one be less or more between each other. Everyone had equal access to health, education, and food. This form of government was to ensure the welfare of all people with favor to have no fear for none. There are many opportunities for all, even for the poorest, in which communism promises work for everybody. Communism can be put to having dictators in power. It isn’t meant to be a threat to people, but to only put people’s interests first.

Capitalism, being an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners only for profit, is for the good of society. It promotes equality and also provides a level of freedom. Whether you start off living in a not so good life, the harder you tend to work, the more rewards you will earn. In capitalist economy, many people have the right to own private property. The freedom extends to having to choose what type of work they would want, selecting one’s education, and even religious or political influences.

Socialism, the government mandates production and prices, gives every citizen to have access to education and health care. There are two major problems of nations practicing capitalism. Those would be the high costs of education and health care.…

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