Karl Marx 's Manifesto Of The Communist Party Essay

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Karl Marx’s Manifesto of the Communist Party instigated a social revolution determined to end class divisions and form a self-governing, proletariat, economy called Communism. This manifesto helped the Russians realize that the constitutional monarchy cared nothing for the needs of the people; and, therefore, sparked a revolution that would end the reign of the monarchy and begin the reign of Communism in Russia. This revolution transformed Russia and lead to the formation of the Soviet Union of Russia. Unfortunately, many leaders of the communist party used socialism to legitimize their leadership, but as power can corrupt, the leaders were not faithful to the original doctrine of communism. They created their own version of a communism, one that would benefit themselves, as well as (they thought) Russia. Among one of those leaders was Joseph Stalin, a dictator who brought many years of isolation, repression, paranoia and gulags to the Russian people. Stalinism greatly differed from Marxism by ignoring the class struggle, and being a communist dictatorship.

The unfair treatment and abominable living conditions of the working class was due to industrialization; it was the reason why Karl Marx wanted to end class divisions. Marx realized that “history was a long series of conflicts between social classes” (Marx and Engels 15). For Marx, the only way to end the class struggle was to remove the class divisions. Marx suggested a single class based the economy, the proletariat,…

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