Karl Marx : The Greatest Thinkers Ever Essay

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Karl Marx was one of the greatest thinkers ever. He became an important social philosopher and revolutionary, studying law and philosophy. People were influenced by him in past generations and nowadays his legacy still alive. A man full of thoughts and ideas that changed: society, economics, and politics.

Karl Marx was born on May 5th, 1818 in Trier, Germany. Son of Heinrich and Hennrietta Marx. His father Heinrich Marx was a very successful and well-educated lawyer. Karl Marx began his studies on 1830 in his hometown. He started studying humanities in 1835 when he joined the University of Bonn. Marx left Bonn after a year and enrolled at the University of Berlin to study law and philosophy. He did not consider studies at his top priority, which led him to not be competent. Later on he join the university at Jena, which is known to have low standards in its academic requirements, here Karl Marx received his degree in April of 1841.

Karl Marx started his field working for a liberal democratic newspaper newly founded in Cologne in January of 1842. Cologne was the center of industries in Prussia and the newspaper was called Rheinische Zeitung. After a few months of experience, Marx became an editor of the newspaper company. One of the requirements of his job was to write variety of social issues. He also wrote about the political theory of communism.

Because of the writing and study of social problems, he began to take interest in communism. Communism is a system of…

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