Essay Karl Marx And The Theory Of Ethics

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Since the era of ancient period to modern world, there has been a lot of ethical philosophers. They however react differently based on the circumstances and personal involvement. Ethics is all about concept of good and evil, right and wrong, virtue and vice and among others. In this paper I shall address the actions of a person who steals food to feed a small, starving child, taking into consideration of my favorite three philosophers. These philosophers are Karl Marx under the category of Social Ethicist, Socrates the ancient philosopher of a Virtue Ethicist, and lastly, Immanuel Kant one of the modern philosophers and a Deontologist. Ethical approaches among these philosophers are different and some may see the Robin Hood style as necessity and others may consider it as vice. First, Karl Marx (1818-1883) is one of the philosophers who is so popular among the Western world. For being an activist in social reform clearly shows that he was a Social Ethicist. He advocated for social and political reform for the equitable distribution of wealth. Karl was not in support of capitalism although one cannot conclude his total rejection of this system. Karl ideology was that everybody or life were part of the community and should be treated as such or taken care of. Karl Marx because of his social reform and revolution ideology, he would have accepted the stealing of food to feed the starving child despite the fact that he does not judge capitalism as total injustice. This…

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