Karl Marx And The Romantic Poets Essay

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A large majority of American people believe that the current social and economic order of liberal-capitalism is the best option for this country. Karl Marx and the Romantic poets are all opposed to this type of society. As outlined in this essay, these figures, respectively, in The Communist Manifesto and English Romantic Poetry an Anthology, explain their critiques of liberal-capitalism and then proceed to contrast those ideas of a perfect society with their own. I believe that Marx and the Romantic poets make very strong points against liberal-capitalism but I believe that their ideal societies each have large flaws.
Karl Marx expresses many oppositions to liberal-capitalism in The Communist Manifesto. Capitalism has a class system that helps to continue the “history of class struggles” that has been occurring throughout time (Marx 60). In Marx’s specific capitalist time period, two groups exist – the bourgeoisie, or the top fraction of the population, and everyone else, known as the proletariat. In the class struggles, the bottom class constantly overthrows the top class and takes their place. This has continued for centuries and Marx wants it to end. In addition to the general class struggle, the prostitution of women, forced labor of children, and overall high levels of stress pervade the society. As for the liberalism side of liberal-capitalism, Marx supports freedom and equality but he wants these concepts to be meaningful. In liberalism, these qualities are…

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