Essay about Karl Marx And The Communist Manifesto

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Throughout history, humans have been using political ideals as a means to gain power and keep people from living in complete chaos. In the course of human history, we have seen political ideologies evolve in ways that have propelled nations to greatness and in the same way plunged nations and civilizations into ruin. However, many of these ideologies, in idealized societies would be able to flourish and sustain the populations with minimal complication. I believe that of the ideologies that we learned about in class, that Marxism is fundamentally the best with the fewest conceivable problems under the correct circumstances, and that Fascism is the least effective of the major ideologies. Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels lay out the basic principles of Marxism in “The Communist Manifesto” which takes the political ideals, which were common practice at the time and explained the way that this political system would work. According to Marxism, every human being is of the same moral worth because we as humans are seen as naturally cooperative and harmonious beings. Marx and Engels maintained that if humans are given the chance to revert to their natural state that we would no longer have the threat of war or violence. This natural state can be attained when people are allowed to let their moral guidelines to be their own as opposed to the morals that are passed down via learning. In Marxism, even though all members are viewed as equals some individuals will be more educated…

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